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  Regional Finance Director, Latin America
  Company Type: Consumer Products
  Location: South Florida
  Compensation: Excellent Compensation - Full Benefits
  Languages: Fluent English/Spanish - Portuguese a plus!
  Job Code: mk/1719
  Date Posted: Pending
    The Regional Finance Director Finance-Latin America will report directly to the Regional SVP-Latin America with a dotted line reporting to Area SVP, Finance-Developing Markets. He/she will direct all corporate financial functions so that financial transactions, policies and procedures meet organization's business objectives, internal standards and are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations, accounting principles and standards. The regional Finance team (e Controller/ Financial Analyst/Supply Controller) as well as teams led by Country Finance Director(s) in Mexico, Central America, Andean Pact, Brazil and Argentina/Chile cluster will report to the incumbent.
    Some of the key focus areas are expected to be:
  • Position the Finance Function as a key business partner: The Client Company is a fleet-footed and financially savvy company. This role demands ability to balance technical risk against commercial advantage, a high degree of business acumen and ability to advise and influence management appropriately. The Regional Finance Director is one of the most important partners and thought leaders in the company's growth ambitions and is expected to contribute very significantly to the same. He/she would need to understand The Company's global and Latam product portfolio, management strategy, customer behaviour and business dynamics to bring about a rapid and quantifiable impact. In other words driving financial leadership by way of sustainable growth, challenging commercial and manufacturing teams, managing corporate costs and P&L- drivers, reviewing actual achievements against annual forecasts and flagging key issues to promote accountability would be the incumbent's responsibility. Early warning signals would need to be tracked for changes in business conditions e.g. price levels, "what if's", value- volume product mix, commercial and tax matters, promotional activities etc.
  • Developing a long-term strategic direction for The Client Company: The Finance Director will need to develop and further refine the vision and strategy that incorporates business issues that impact the Company as well as the go-to-market strategy and construct of the value chain. He/she would need to drive the preparation of medium term and long term business plans based on corporate goals, growth objectives and strategic plans. He/she must consider him/herself to be a critical contributor in the development and execution of the business strategy for Latin America. This would require him/her to provide analytical frameworks, scenarios and options in terms of "what if" scenarios and alternative models. He/she would also need to work closely with the senior management team on evaluating strategic opportunities and alternatives.
  • Provide effective financial management of the business: Accounting, planning, budgeting and financial reporting polices, procedures and systems must satisfy the needs of the company across the region. The Finance Director would need to ensure that the company complies with the legal legislation including regulatory norms. The incumbent would need to sustainably hook internal controls and other processes and systems into the business. Thereafter, constantly review and upgrade the same for improved productivity. He / she must ensure compliance with the highest standards of financial propriety and discipline at all times and would be responsible for producing accurate and legally complaint financial statements on time. The incumbent would also need to establish financial practices and policies in line with the company's global goals, objective and requirements and governance norms.
  • Provide leadership and vision: The Client Company has a team of young but competent professionals in its Finance team. The incumbent would need to act as a coach and mentor to his/her team. The incumbent will be responsible for attracting and building his/her team of professionals and providing the necessary motivation and leadership to create a work environment that fosters high team performance.
  • Manage and Maintain Relationships in a Large Organization: The incumbent should be able to manage and organize multiple cross- border relationships in the organisation with efficiency and energy. He/she should be able to deal with organisational complexity that is inherent in an international company of the scale and size of the Company.
  • The ideal candidate would be a qualified Chartered Accountant or CPA with credible experience of heading / managing the finance function in Latin America. MNC experience is required, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is strongly preferred.
  • The individual in this role would need to possess a high degree of executive maturity given that he / she would be at the helm of influencing major (business and financial) decisions within a fast growing and sizeable business in Latin America. It is important that the individual in this role have displayed a mix of strategic and functional skills as well as management of people, with a high commitment to delivery and deadlines. Given the importance of the Finance function in the organisation, the individual will be managing more than one activity at a time, making it important that he / she be able to manage multiple projects. As a thought leader, the Finance Director-Latin America will closely partner the SVP, Regional Director, hence it is important that he / she possess the necessary functional knowledge and business understanding to drive the agenda. It is equally important that the individual have a strong presence and the maturity to withstand the demands and pressures that come with this role effectively influencing key decisions in the interest of the business.
  • Experience in financial management, having lead large scales initiatives in complex, continuously challenged business environments, handling a mix of field level and corporate assignments; working with cross-functional teams and leading initiatives in improving organisational performance would be deeply desired competencies.
  • The candidate should have an eye for detail and an analytical approach to work. He / she should have basic knowledge of standard legal clauses of agreements and a high degree of comfort in interacting with accounting, tax and audit firms. In addition he / she must be able to closely interact with colleagues of varied backgrounds and bring outstanding interpersonal skills to the table. The Client Company is not a hierarchy driven company, hence the incumbent should have the stature and credibility to earn respect from his peers and subordinates.
  • The professional development of individuals within the Company is clearly linked to skills, experience and achievements. Over a period of time, career paths can typically cover other countries, international assignments with increased levels of responsibility.
  • The candidate must be fully bilingual English/Spanish. Knowledge of Portuguese is highly desirable.

  Cover Letter: Please include cover letter with salary requirements when responding.

  Work Authorization: Must have legal residency.
  For consideration include resume as a Microsoft Word attachment or as text and submit to Margaret Kurtzman and reference the job title and reference number.
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