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  Manager, IT Controller/Finance & Program Mgmt
  Company Type: Construction
  Location: South Florida
  Compensation: Excellent Compensation - Full Benefits
  Languages: Fluent English
  Job Code: mk/1656
  Date Posted: Completed
    Financial Management
    Provides financial management for the IT organization. Leads the analysis, development and implementation of financial services for IT planning and control. Analyzes and prepares IT budget and develops proposals with supporting documentation and justification. Leads analysis on IT financial conditions, business compliance matters and effectiveness of strategies and programs to business objectives, develops recommendations for senior IT leadership team for a variety of business issues. Provides financial statements for IT leadership team such as monthly budgets and summary reports. Audits and approves invoices for contract payment. Develops financial metrics and conducts audits to ensure compliance. Drives common accounting practices, reconcilements and consistent reporting. Ensures the compliance with all federal and state legislations as well as internal policies and procedures. May be in charge of developing an appropriate pricing model and chargeback scheme for IT services.
    Business Planning
    Assists the IT organization in defining and implementing its business plan and goals to support the strategy and goals of the organization. Responsible for working with IT functional/departmental executives and business leaders to create the overall business plan for IT. Assists in the cascading of plans to the various IT divisions/departments. Scans the external IT environment to provide a common set of planning assumptions, competitive analysis, current and future market assessments for products and services to the business, and a common set of planning processes and tools to assist those with planning responsibility in IT. Assists IT and business leadership team in actualizing the technology plans within their own area of responsibility, working with them to ensure that technical and resource decisions link to the overall IT strategic plan. Works closely with the enterprises business planning leaders to ensure alignment.
    Responsible for ensuring that business planning and purpose is considered in all key IT decisions, and therefore must be involved in the discussion and decision making process for technology, business, and human resource investments on an on-going basis. Works with Finance and Human Resources to represent the needs of IT and understand the cost and human resources impact of those needs in creating, implementing and adjusting IT business plans.
    This position typically reports to the CIO. Ensures overall alignment of the IT strategy to the business strategy. Responsible for ensuring integration of all technology work performed across all business units including new M&A. Responsible for educating senior business leaders on the IT strategy as well as educating senior IT leadership on the direction of the business. High degree of business complexity and impact to overall success of IT in meeting business needs.
    Program Management
    Establishes and implements project management processes and methodologies for the IT community to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high quality standards and meet customer expectations. Responsible for assembling project plans and teamwork assignments, directing and monitoring work efforts on a daily basis, identifying resource needs, performing quality review; and escalating functional, quality, timeline issues appropriately. Responsible for tracking key project milestones and adjusting project plans and/or resources to meet the needs of customers. Coordinates communication with all areas of the enterprise that impacts the scope, budget, risk and resources of the work effort being managed. Assists Program Manager(s) in partnering with senior management of the business community to identify and prioritize opportunities for utilizing IT to achieve the goals of the enterprise.
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  Cover Letter: Please include cover letter with salary requirements when responding.

  Work Authorization: Must have legal residency.
  For consideration include resume as a Microsoft Word attachment or as text and submit to Margaret Kurtzman and reference the job title and reference number.
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