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  Regional Manager
Puerto Rico and Caribbean
  Company Type: Biomedical/Pharmaceutical
  Location: Puerto Rico
  Compensation: Excellent Compensation - Full Benefits
  Languages: Fluent English/Spanish
  Job Code: mk/1291
  Date Posted: Completed
  TITLE:    Regional Manager - Puerto Rico and Caribbean

REPORTS TO:     VP, Latin America

  •  Responsible for the operation and capital budget for the country/region.
  •  Develop, review, and implement short and long-range strategies to increase revenue
  •  Formulate and secure approval for annual and long range plans.
  •  Ensure that market opportunities are properly identified, and propose actions to exploit them.
  •  Lead and develop the organization in the country/region to ensure the achievement of business objectives.
  •  Establish basic policies in all business-related activities for the company in the country/region and coordinate with other managing directors in Latin America.


I. Sales and Marketing Responsibilities:
  1. Has overall responsibility for achieving the sales plan.
  2. Prepare sales quotas for the territories within the area.
  3. Is responsible for the execution of approved promotional plans, as well as the evaluation of their effectiveness.
  4. Continuously studies market potential and ways of obtaining increased business at reasonable expense.
  5. Reports to the Marketing Headquarters concerning all significant trends in product attendance, new markets and competitive activity.
  6. Field work with Sales Managers and Representatives. Helps in guiding them to accomplish the management and sales objectives
  7. Conducts sales meetings, as required, with field and office personnel. Also conducts regional meetings.
  8. If appropriate, evaluates the effectiveness of authorized distributor organization, recommending desirable additions or deletions to the Vice President, Latin America. Implements the move from distributor to direct field sales organization as decided.
  9. Maintains contact with all key accounts in the area.
II. Management Responsibilities:Administers company policy within the area, consistent with the policies established by the company.
  1. Establishes and maintains a continuing review of both short and long-term plans for the growth of facilities and the introduction of new products within the area.
  2. Manages and assists employees in the fulfillment of their assigned duties.
  3. Responsible for the achievement of operation and profit objectives.
III. Control and Financial Responsibilities:
  1. Ensures that all periodic or special reports desired by the Latin America Headquarters Management are prepared in suitable form and submitted on schedule.
  2. Analyzes and approves office and travel expense statements submitted by personnel under his/her jurisdiction.
  3. Analyzes all proposals involving changes in size and location of field offices, making appropriate recommendations to the CRM Business Director and Vice President of Latin America.
  4. Conducts a continuing review of field office operations through inspection trips, reports and copies of correspondence, taking corrective action as required.
  5. Cooperates with Director of Human Resources for training activities to ensure best results.
  6. Ensures that all territories within the area promptly submit expense statements, field activity summaries, work plans and other reports as required.
IV. Organizational Responsibilities:
  • Establishes and maintains a sound organizational structure in the area. Reviews and submits for approval to both Vice President, Latin America and Human Resources Director for all requests for changes in the organizational structure.
V. Personnel Responsibilities:
  1. Forwards all matters pertaining to employee status, benefits, etc. to the Human Resources Director, making recommendations where appropriate.
  2. Conducts a continuing review of compensation levels and recommends to the appropriate Human Resources person any desirable changes.
  3. Recommends to the Vice President, Latin America any headcount additions/changes necessary for the achievement of the areas objectives.
  4. Maintains through delegation and communication an atmosphere that encourages creativity and motivates personnel to achieve their predefined objectives and assume greater responsibility.
  5. Makes sure that the communications emanating from the various headquarters and business units are properly interpreted and communicated.
  6. Through the sales managers, exercises supervision and direction of area personnel. Recommends to the Vice President, Latin America and/or Human Resources Director any changes regarding personnel, including hiring, firing, job assignments, promotions and merit increases.

  Cover Letter: Please include cover letter with salary requirements when responding.

  Work Authorization: Must have legal residency.
  For consideration include resume as a Microsoft Word attachment or as text and submit to Research Department via email and reference the job title and reference number.
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